on what can happen in 2 hours.

sometimes a lot can happen in two hours.

  • you can browse facebook.
  • you can get suspicious.
  • have a ‘surface’ fight.
  • then get honest.
  •  find out what was really happening.
  • sort it out.
  • and then realise that you’re very lucky that someone this patient and loving loves you in spite of how impossible you are 99% of the time.

you can also have a friend that you don’t spend enough time with, check up on you in that first terrifying half hour.

when it all passes,
you can be reminded that :

love is everywhere.
all the time.
strong and shining in even the scariest, most irrational moments of your life. 

yes, there is love. and so much of it.

happy valentines day. 


One Response to “on what can happen in 2 hours.”

  1. michness Says:

    that’s one of my favourite cartoons ever! i want a playpen.

    happy v-day liefie! despite my every defense mechanism i still find myself enjoying heart shaped chocolate and roses. from my mom. but still, points for positivity 😉
    love you xxx

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